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Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings CD is completed and ready. Conference attendees can request a CD by sending an email to icolse@gmail.com. If you did not have a chance to attend the conference, you can still obtain a copy of the Proceedings for a nominal fee of $75.  Please fill out this form to purchase a copy of the Proceedings. .

Previous conference proceedings maybe obtain by contacting the respective organizer:

2011 - John Hardwick/Dean Kemp Cobham
2009 - Ed Rupke, LTI
2007 - Jean Patrick Moreau, Dassault (or G46 Committee)
2005 - Diane Heidlebaugh, The Boeing Co.
2003 - Chris Jones, BAE Systems
2001 - Andy Plummer, LTI
1999 ?

Message from the Chairwoman


Dear ICOLSE Community –
As Chairperson, I want to thank you for an outstanding 2013 conference.  We hosted 210 attendees representing 85 companies, government agencies, universities and other organizations.   Certainly, one of the largest ICOLSE events held to date.   The progress made by industry in advancing the disciplines of lightning and static electricity was evident in the technical program, which showcased 62 presentations, as well as through workshops and special sessions provided.
I want to personally thank Mr. Frank Doerner, The Boeing Company, and Dr. Matthew Goodman, DARPA, for taking time from their busy schedules to honor us as key note speakers.
In addition, we were fortunate to have multiple sponsors to whom we are indebted for their generosity.  On behalf of the planning committee, we thank you for your support. 
Further, I want to recognize the 2013 ICOLSE planning committee, whose dedication and long hours of volunteer work are very much appreciated.
In closing, our planning team is still working to close outstanding conference items.  We will be posting pictures on our website soon and distributing the 2013 proceedings to all registered attendees.   Please inform us right away, if you have a change in email address that should be noted.
See you in 2015!
Theresa Ward

Flash Back - Pictures from the conference

Chairwoman SorenMadson AndyandMargaret
Banquet Audience Opening
Frank BestPaper Session

Key Dates (2013)

 Sponsors  2015 ICOLSE Conference


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